Attention: This is for any student, parent of a struggling student, or educator who is looking for a more excellent way to learn and enjoy the process of study.

Godís Way to an A:
Discover a higher motivation for learning and stress-free study

Ditch the drudgery of study, the fear of exams, and workload anxiety
and start enjoying stress-free study, faith-fueled motivation,
a closer walk with God, and better grades now!

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“God has given me peace and joy in my studies and I no longer have anxiety about school.”

Dana R.

“The truths in this course were so liberating that I have been transformed and healed.”

Rob Monti

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Hi.  I’m Veronica Karaman.  I’m here to tell you that there is a better way to study!  It’s called God’s Way to an A.  As an excellent student but tired of the drudgery of study in graduate school, I wondered if God had a better way for me to experience learning. 

After a time of seeking wisdom from above, God downloaded an awesome revelation to me that has forever changed my life and the lives of thousands of other students over the more than 20 years I have been coaching students. It’s called God’s Way to an A.  It’s not about a program or a method.  It’s not even about study skills.  It’s about a relationship!

When I learned Secret #1:  Learning is a partnership with God, and began to study from that place of partnership with my Teacher, my entire study experiencewas transformed.

When I learned how to move out of performance and into His presence, everything radically changed.  My focus became God in my task, and not the task.

Now through an upcoming free teleclass, I am going to help you move from stressed to blessed in your studies.

I am going to reveal the secrets to God’s Way to an A: Discover a higher motivation for learning and stress-free study.  In this 75 minute teleclass, I will show you how to:

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But don’t just believe me!  Here are some testimonies from students just like you!

“These truths impacted me so greatly that I have plan on using them for the rest of my college career and the rest of my life.”

Steve H.

“I was a graduate student preparing to write a 4.5 hour comprehensive exam that would determine if I received my MA in history. The exam has a 30-50% failure rate and I was terrified! Your talk on how God wanted to partner with me in my studies changed my outlook on the exam. I studied for God’s glory and prayed that God would be glorified through a passing grade. Well, God decided He would much rather be glorified through a pass ‘with Distinction,’ the highest grade awarded on comprehensive exams and a grade not awarded by my department in years. Praise God for His utter faithfulness, and praise Him for placing you and your message in my path. Instead of a study in sleepless nights and fear-stricken days, my exams became a study of God’s amazing love and faithfulness in my life. Thanks again and God bless you!

Megan, American University

“Veronica unexpectedly ushered in a fresh spirit to our school, by simply teaching Godís Way to an A to our staff. This was such a wonderful bonus for us, and helped our school year begin strong and focused.†The staff loved her tremendously.†I highly recommend Veronica Karaman, and her expertise in the spiritually developing mind, to your school or organization.”

Brad Johnson, Headmaster, Sandhills Classical Christian School

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If you are ready to STOP THE CYCLE OF STRUGGLE, poor grades, anxiety and lack of motivation and START THE BLESSING of peace, stress-free study, spiritual growth, and better grades, itís time to take action now. Whether you are a high school, college, graduate school student---parent of a struggling studentóor educator, this call is for you!

Discover a higher motivation for learning and stress-free study

Date and Time:  Tuesday, November 15, 2011
7 pm Eastern

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“Before I took Veronica’s course, I feared being put on academic probation at Regent University. I was so intimidated by the demands of graduate school, I procrastinated in completing assignments. This caused greater anxiety and compounded the problem. Through Veronica’s course, I learned that the Holy Spirit is my study partner. I experienced peace while studying and actually was able to enjoy my classes! The focus was no longer on my ability to achieve, but on the power the Holy Spirit gave me to bless my teachers by being the best student possible. Two years after completing God’s Way to an A, I graduated summa cum laude from Regent University and was awarded the honor of being the “Most Outstanding Graduate” in the School of Communications. I firmly believe this course should be required in schools for all grade levels.”

Kimberly D. Smith

“I discovered a new outlook toward God in regards to my studies.”

Tina C.

“I went from a 2.5 GPA to a 3.8 GPA in 12 weeks.†I am now self-motivated in my studies!”

Joseph W.†6th grade student


Veronica Karaman,
True Champion Coaching, Founder

The founder of True Champion Coaching, Veronica Karaman's passion for the last 25 years has been helping people to get in touch with their most authentic self and to live powerfully from that place--releasing the true  champion within. A graduate of Duke University and Regent University, Veronica began her professional career as tour player and golf instructor. Her career highlight was playing in the 1989 Women's U.S. Open. She now brings her champion mind-sets from sports into her life-coaching and personal leadership practice empowering people to live with fresh focus, passion, and joy.  She has personally trained over 6,000 students to be academic champions, through her widely acclaimed curriculum called God's Way to an A.  After helping her mother to blossom late in life, she also loves to equip senior women to re-discover themselves in their second blossoming, and help families make fresh joyful generational connections. A nationally renowned speaker and author, Veronica currently resides in Pinehurst, North Carolina where she still loves to wack the ball, and help others to play their best game on the fairway, in the classroom, and in life!